Wisconsin Hall of Famer and 2-Time WNBA All-Star, Anna is a 17 year veteran who has experienced and succeeded at every level of basketball.  She has ran camps in Detroit, Dallas, Phoenix, Nebraska and Wisconsin.  She specializes in fundamental skill development and mental preparation that will elevate your game to another level. She will help develop and instill confidence and decision making through detailed teaching and proper technique through repetition.  Only when you are pushed and challenged out of your comfort level is when you will truly grow and see results/changes to your game!  If you are interested in Anna hosting a camp or clinic in your area please contact her at  I look forward to seeing you on the court and helping you become the best player you can be. 

Training Sessions


Training sessions are designed to develop and enhance individual skill as well as the proper techniques and fundamentals.  Each skill will be demonstrated, explained and repeated until it is mastered and becomes muscle memory(strength).  These sessions will be demanding and challenging both physically and mentally.  All training sessions will be taught and ran by Anna.

1-1 private training

$50 (sessions are 60-75 minutes)

Small Group Training (2-4)

$50 per person (sessions are 60-75 minutes)

Large Group Training (5+)

$45 per person (sessions are 75-90 minutes)

Training sessions will be held at Peace Lutheran Gym at 1001 Center Street in Hartford, Wisconsin.

 Please contact Anna at to further discuss pricing and training options that may best suit your needs and goals. 


"Anna was one of the finest competitors and fundamental players I have ever coached.  She will use her career experiences to teach you how to play at the highest level."

-Nancy Lieberman Hall of Famer, Olympian and NBA D League Head Coach